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Enhance patient outcomes and drive more profitability to your chiropractic practice with fast, precise joint quantification.

Chiropractors, just like you, are improving their patient outcomes while effortlessly growing their practice revenue

Improve your chiropractic practice profitability and quantify your patient treatments! Mobil-Aider Arthrometer is an FDA-cleared joint mobility measurement device that helps chiropractors enhance patient outcomes and increase their return on investment. The device is easy to use, versatile and affordable, so you could see a return on your investment in just two months. With the Mobil-Aider, many chiropractors like yourself find it easier to treat patients when objective data can be obtained. With real-time visual feedback and measurements to 0.01 millimeters, you can better track and improve treatments to provide more cost-effective service.


Thank you for the information regarding your innovation. As an educator teaching sports medicine and biomedical innovation, I am very interested in chatting about it.

Dr. Monica, DC


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