Instruction Manuals

Knee Kit

Mobil-Aider Knee Kit Manual & User Guide 1.6

Deluxe Kit

Mobil-Aider Deluxe Kit Manual & User Guide 1.6

Peer-Reviewed Publications

International Journal of Sports & Exercise Medicine

Proof of Concept: Taking the Guessing Out of Assessing Knee Stability

Journal of Sport Rehabilitation

Reliability and Validity of an Innovative Device for ACL Testing: The Mobil-Aider™

Journal of Health Science & Medicine

Novel Device to Quantify ACL Laxity

Journal of Yoga, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Quantifying Joint Mobilizations with the Mobil-Aider™

Poster Presentations

Singh Nanocenter Conference

Quantifying Joint Mobility

Christiana Care Orthopedic Symposium

Quantifying Joint Mobilizations

Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit

The Mobil-Aider: An Innovative Orthopedic Device to Quantify Joint Mobility-Laxity


Mobil-Aider: Quantifying Joint Mobilizations