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Get the latest device used in academic settings to teach joint mobilization techniques with immediate visual feedback.

Academic institutions are offering students immediate real-time feedback to enhance psychomotor skill acquisition

Perfect for use in various academic teaching scenarios, many schools, universities, colleges and other institutions are broadening their educational scope with the use of the Mobil-Aider. The FDA-cleared advanced teaching tool helps students learn the psychomotor skills of joint mobilization techniques via immediate visual feedback. The precision and versatility of the device help students perform appropriate grades of mobilizations as an intervention technique. Teachers and professors can allow students to practice joint mobilizations with real-time feedback to improve their skills.


Feedback and practice time have been identified as the most important variables in skill acquisition.

Wulf G, Shea C, Lewthwaite R. Motor skills learning and performance: A review of influential factors. Med Educ. 2010;44(1):75-84.


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