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Enhance patient outcomes and drive more profitability to your physician practice with fast, precise joint quantification.

Physicians, just like you, are improving their patient outcomes while effortlessly growing their practice revenue

Bring value to your patients, enhance practice revenue and get ahead of the curve with the innovative Mobil-Aider Arthrometer. New and advanced physicians can use objective joint laxity data to improve patient outcomes in their practice or on the go. The affordability and versatility with custom attachments make it easy for physicians to start using and improving techniques. You can drive profitability to your practice with more efficient, accurate joint quantification that tracks improvements and identifies deficits. Mobil-Aider is ready to assist you in growing your practice profits with fast, precise joint mobility data.


A device to quantify knee laxity would have great value in the practice of ACL management.

Dr. Arthur Bartolozzi, Orthopedic Surgeon


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