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Peer-Reviewed Publications

International Journal of Sports & Exercise Medicine

Proof of Concept: Taking the Guessing Out of Assessing Knee Stability

Journal of Sport Rehabilitation

Reliability and Validity of an Innovative Device for ACL Testing: The Mobil-Aider™

Journal of Health Science & Medicine

Novel Device to Quantify ACL Laxity

Journal of Yoga, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Quantifying Joint Mobilizations with the Mobil-Aider™

Validating the Mobil-Aider: Shoulder

Validating the Mobil-Aider to Measure Joint Accessory Motion in Healthy Adult Shoulders.

Intra-Rater Reliability: Shoulder & Wrist

Measurement of Accessory Motion of the Glenohumeral and Radiocarpal Joints: Intra-Rater Reliability of the Mobil-Aider® Device for Measurement of Linear Translation

Inter-Rater Reliability: Shoulder & Wrist

Intra-Rater and Inter-Rater Reliability of the Mobil-Aider® Device for Measurement of Linear Translation: Implications for Clinical Practice and Teaching

Use of a New Arthrometer to Assess Knee Pathology

Comparing Mobil-Aider Data with MRI Results in ACL Injuries

Arthrometers Contribute to Accuracy in Orthopedic Assessment

Incorporating an arthrometer into practice provides objective data to enhance clinical decision-making

Assessing Lateral Ankle Sprains with a New Arthrometer

The use of an arthrometer to assess ankle joint laxity enhances the objectivity of patient assessment

Using an Arthrometer to Quantify Ankle Laxity

Anterior drawer test is the gold standard for ATFL testing. Technology is available to objectify the assessment

Arthrometer Assessment of Joint Laxity in People with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

In Review; The Beighton score has limitations as diagnostic criteria for hypermobility syndrome. An arthrometer can contribute objective data.

Arthrometer Assessment of Joint Mobility of TayCo Ankle Brace

In review; The TayCo brace worn on the outside of the athletic shoe provided significant constraint over anterior talus translation (51-52% of control)

Poster Presentations

Singh Nanocenter Conference

Quantifying Joint Mobility

Christiana Care Orthopedic Symposium

Quantifying Joint Mobilizations

Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit

The Mobil-Aider: An Innovative Orthopedic Device to Quantify Joint Mobility-Laxity


Mobil-Aider: Quantifying Joint Mobilizations